Punching, kicking, close

quarters and self defence

against unarmed attackers.

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Have you ever wanted to learn a martial art, improve your skills and fitness in a fun, safe environment but don't know where to start?

Do you want to enhance your awareness, verbal de-escalation and physical self defence skills?

Do you want to fight like Jason Bourne or James Bond? Or have you recently seen The Raid, Book of Eli or Hanna?

Are you a kick boxer, muay thai boxer or mma fighter who's looking to improve your footwork, range judgement and dexterity?

You have martial art, fighting and self protection goals. We have the understanding, methods and the people to make them a reality. Too good to be true?  Come and train for TWO WEEKS for FREE and see for yourself.

Kali is a martial art from the Philippines which is used by military and civilian groups worldwide. 

It is effective, and simple to learn with our step-by-step approach. 


Kali Sikaran Bath, part of Kali Sikaran International, teaches a programme which integrates our values of lifelong learning, fighting spirit and realism.

Training is divided in to two broad categories:


when, where, how much, what to bring, what to expect

get in touch with our Friendly, and highly-trained team


Sticks, sword,

knife and self defence

against armed attackers.

Your questions answered!

I'm a beginner, is that OK?  Yes!  All skill levels are welcome to all classes, the techniques and drills are adjusted to your current skill level, and with just enough challenge so you improve every time!  Everyone starts at the beginning, and everyone who is no longer a beginner remembers what it is like!  We will look after you.

Do I have to be fit to start with?  No, all fitness levels are welcome! You will become stronger and fitter during your training!

I don't want to get hit, is it dangerous?  Safety is paramount to us.  We use protective equipment and training methods that minimize the risk of injury, however, effective martial art training does involve a small element of risk, but it is all part of the process of learning how to defend yourself and move more effectively in a physical environment.  Don't worry though, you won't have to spar with a black belt on your first day!

I don't have any training equipment or safety gear, can I still join in?  Yes!  Equipment and safety gear are provided for you to use during your free trial period.  After that, most students like to purchase their own gear, we have some for sale or can point you to alternative retailers.

Is there a syllabus?  Do you do gradings?  Double yes! We teach from the Kali Sikaran International syllabus which has 5 student phases and 5 teacher ('guro') phases.  Gradings are available when you are ready, contact us or speak to us at a class for more details.

All you need to meet your martial art goals

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